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  • Provide More Opportunities To Your Students.

    Get Core Companies To Recruit Talent From Campus.

    Provide Access To Off-Campus Opportunities.

    Get Students Pre-Assessed.

    Skill Gap Analysis To Identify and Bridge Existing Gaps.

  • Placement Worries?

    Partner with us to bring more opportunities to your students.

  • No Corporate Visibility?

    Get Students Pre-Assessed to showcase Talent Availability.

  • i2iBridge

    Gateway to connect with Industries.

  • Placement Management Outsourcing.

    Get More Companies To Recruit From Your College.

Why Jobeee?

We understand that as an educational institution you are always under constant pressure on many fronts.

Partnering with Jobeee provides solutions to some of your business critical functions in the area of providing placements to your students.

Placement Management Outsourcing:

We know how hard your training & placement cell is working to bring more opportunities to your students.

We intend serve as an extension to your current placement cell that is working hard to improve the prospects of getting your students employed. We understand the importance and impact of this activity on your business.

As an organization that is helping corporate companies of all sizes and sectors in fresher recruitments on a pan India basis, we have a better reach. We certainly can help you position your institution as a hub of quality resources to take advantage of our connections.

Skill Gap Analysis:

Companies love to recruit from those colleges where they can find talent. That is the only way to find success with placements. Creating talent is possible only when we continuously assess and find the gaps, and train students for the skills that they are lacking.

We at Jobeee, help you bridge these gaps easily. Our technology-oriented solution help you periodically assess and analyze the candidates on those skills that are routinely checked by companies.

We will tell you how your students compare with others and the gaps that needs to be filled in order for them to compete and win those coveted jobs.


Aimed at creating value partnerships between corporations and institutions in technology area to start with and expand the scope as we move forward. i2ibridge would act as a facilitator and program coordinator for this partnership and will help you prepare and deliver the training programs that make your students industry ready. We intend to turn your institution into a research lab that is functional and help you partner and work actively with industries.

This active partnership goes a long way in building a healthy relation with industries that matter and also make you a permanent and first choice for their recruitment needs as they have invested their time and energy into this effort and have seen the work of students long before they decide to hire.

Pre-Assessed Talent:

Companies have limited resources to do campus recruitments. This is one of the major reasons why they do not go for recruitments to every college. The only way to convince companies to spare time and energy to visit your campus or provide opportunity to your students is to showcase their performance.

Talk to us to understand how we bring value to your institution and help with brand building.