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Skill Gap Analysis

Do you know what is the biggest challenge faced by companies today? Finding the right talent.

Ironically, do you know what is the biggest challenge faced by institutions to stay relevant in cut throat competition? Grappling with inability to provide placement opportunities for students.

If you carefully analyse, we are talking about two sides of the same coin. Both companies and institutions are targeting the same problem but view things differently. Companies say that they are ready to recruit but do not find quality talent, whereas colleges complain that there is talent but not able to find companies to recruit them. So where is the problem?

It has always been a firefighting exercise for colleges to groom students at the last stage so that they can crack the recruitment tests and get placed. There is no sustainable model that has been adopted by colleges to build the basic skills necessary for anyone to be successful in their career. It is always a catch up game. Colleges feel that it is important for candidates to learn how to crack arithmetic and logical questions than to develop basic programming skills for a IT students.

Colleges get relaxed at the start of the education year and get nervous as they progress for the fear of reduced placements which might affect next year intake.

Colleges have their own version to say but they are the ones to take blame when it comes to creating a talent pool. Students are their disposal for 3-4 years and there is no concerted effort from institutions to find the gaps at early stages, educate students on the necessity of bridging those gaps, and providing resources to overcome those flaws. This cannot be done overnight or by making them undergo a week long or month long training course in cracking at entrance patterns.

Today’s educational curriculum is not is not in sync with what industry is expecting. Everyone says this and we have not seen a single person not agreeing with it either. But, are we doing anything to reverse the situation. Why some colleges have always topped the placements list and favored by companies? Why they are not looking at your college for recruitments? What is the fundamental difference that companies find when they select candidates from Tier 1 college to a Tier 2 or 3 college.

We, at Jobeee, want to reverse the trend by providing you with tools and services to analyse the trends early and take corrective measures so that you create a talent pool that companies would love to have them as their employees. We do not promise and that things will change dramatically overnight. We help you in creating a sustained roadmap to overcome the challenges and make your college a dream destination for corporate entities.

Companies are not crazy to shop around when they can find good talent at your place. It is the responsibility of college to put a coordinated and effort running into multiple years to stay motivated and stay focused to get to a position where companies chase students from your college than to eagerly wait for some placement drives to happen at your college.

Talk to us on how we could make a difference to your college. Write us on [email protected] to understand more about our service offerings and how we can make shine on a corporate radar.