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Aimed at creating value partnerships between corporations and institutions in technology area to start with and expand the scope as we move forward. i2ibridge would act as a facilitator and program coordinator for this partnership and will prepare and deliver the training programs.

Why we believe this is a big and unexplored opportunity?

How many times we heard corporations saying that they are not finding talent they are looking for and they are spending whole lot of money in training this individuals to get them to the basic level where they can do basic programming. They crib about outdated curriculum that is being taught and with no emphasis on core aspects, and how they are not equipped with basic skill sets that is necessary for them to perform tasks.

A recent study done by Nasscom engineering graduates has revealed that very few people are employable directly from college and this has many reasons for it.

We do not intend to be another training provider with colleges as it has been tried by many and failed over again and again. A week long or few weeks of training in language skills or learning how to crack arithmetic problems is of no use when it comes to adding real value to the candidates to help with developing and applying core skills. Conceptually, the core objective of any training programs that is currently implemented in college is misplaced. They are all geared up in teaching skills that are essential for cracking the assessment and interview but not to equip them with skills that are necessary for them to perform in the on-the-job scenario.

Our survey with colleges and students has indicated that they have spent quite a bit of money on these programs and they never have yielded any long term benefit or result.

Only a sustainable effort where industry & institution is involved is the only way that this situation is improved. We strongly believe that there is no dearth of students who have abilities and interest to do whatever it takes to be a part of good organization and there is endless appetite with product development/KPOs to recruit this kind of talent.

We think and firmly believe that we can bring a change by creating a model that would run parallel to their education system within the institution for a sustainable period of time by creating a corporation within institution and create a real working atmosphere that is managed by and as a corporate with identical polices & framework as it exists in large corporations and prepare them for the bigger challenges.

What we do?

  •  We partner with colleges and corporations and bring them together acting as a bridge for mutual benefit
  • Make colleges invest into creating dedicated physical and technological infrastructure, and training resources      within the campus, and pick up the best talent available during their initial years of education (Preferably 1st and      3 year) and then provide them an opportunity to learn skills that are required by industry and not a part of their      curriculum and work in the real time environment.
  • The dedicated space would be managed by i2ibridge and would meet all corporate security & compliance       standards to protect the intellectual property.
  •  Make corporations as early-stage partners and help them with identifying and map their future requirements.       Map talent to their requirements and then train them for initial 6-month period on the expected technical skill set       and other generic skills.
  • Both players would then nominate program coordinators to convert this into a extended development hub       directly under the supervision of corporation.
  •  Selected Students will get paid stipend during this program if they meet certain standards set by corporations.

How it benefits:

  • Employers
  •  Create a sustainable and long term resource creation strategy.
  •  Identify the best talent in a college and engage with them before anyone can reach them.
  • Create a long lasting relation with prospective employees by interacting with best of the talent and see their      performance while undergoing training and also in real time environments.
  • In the general model, we recruit first and train next with lot of uncertainty in end result. Academic scores or     clearing pre-recruitment assessment and interview does not guarantee best performance on the ground. Real     work and worth can be ascertained only when we see someone performing and working. A single wrong selection     entertained for six months could cost as much as Rs. 300000 as a cost to company apart from precious time and     infrastructure.
  •  Only recruit those who perfectly meet your requirements both attitude and aptitude wise and where there is a      cultural fit. Choice or recruiting or not recruiting lies with corporations at the end of the day. No promises to be       made upfront.
  •  Would not have to spend a penny on training infrastructure and get to choose the best people long before       anyone can.
  • Students get a chance to work in a real environment and learn skills and processes that are essential and required much ahead of time. This also provides them with a guaranteed job and experience even before he is ready for searching one.
  • Educational institutions can be the real beneficiaries from this kind of initiative as it is perceived as a pro-student initiative.