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  • Provide More Opportunities To Your Students.

    Get Core Companies To Recruit Talent From Campus.

    Provide Access To Off-Campus Opportunities.

    Get Students Pre-Assessed.

    Skill Gap Analysis To Identify and Bridge Existing Gaps.

  • Placement Worries?

    Partner with us to bring more opportunities to your students.

  • No Corporate Visibility?

    Get Students Pre-Assessed to showcase Talent Availability.

  • i2iBridge

    Gateway to connect with Industries.

  • Placement Management Outsourcing.

    Get More Companies To Recruit From Your College.


Why Jobeee?

Partnering with Jobeee provides solutions to some of your business critical functions in the area of providing placements to your students.

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Placement Management Outsourcing

Colleges are facing a unique challenge these days. Let us admit; education is no more a service. It has purely become a business with students as consumers of their services.

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Skill Gap Analysis

Do you know what is the biggest challenge faced by companies today? Finding the right talent. Ironically, do you know what is the biggest challenge faced by institutions to stay relevant in cut throat competition? Grappling with inability to provide placement opportunities for students.

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Aimed at creating value partnerships between corporations and institutions in technology area to start with and expand the scope as we move forward. i2ibridge would act as a facilitator and program coordinator for this partnership and will prepare and deliver the training programs.

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Internal Assessments

Little improvements and validations done periodically would help correcting the gaps. Our education system has imbibed this culture and before writing the final exams, we go through so many assignments and periodical internal tests.

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