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  • What is Jobeee?

    Jobeee is a unique platform offering from AppsTreasure that aims at creating a seamless connectivity between Educational Institutions, Employers and Students.

    Jobeee provides pre assessed talent pool free of cost to employers from small, medium, and large enterprises in both IT and non-IT sectors. We do not claim to replace anything but we are sure to say that being a part of Jobeee profile bank brings you another bright opportunity to be visible to potential employers.

  • As A student how I would benefit by being a part of Jobeee?

    In current scenario, only few companies have the bandwidth and technology to reach out to few colleges and recruit candidates from campuses directly. This is largely because lot of small and mid size IT /non-IT/ and other core sectors are not aware of how the campus recruitment system works, whom to contact, and non-availability of technology to screen the candidates for conducting assessments, and limited HR bandwidth.

    Jobeee aims at removing these very obstacles and bring lot of new employers to campuses for hiring fresh talent. We provide all the support to employers and assistance with identification and conducting of assessment using our robust assessment tool.

  • What is Jobeee Employability Test (JET) ID and why it is important for me to remember and where it will be used?

    JET ID is a unique ID assigned to every candidate by Jobeee when they register with Jobeee under their respective colleges.

    JET ID and password (set by candidate) are necessary for logging into the poinfortal to keep the profile udpated which companies can view, upload any documents or resume, search and apply for any job, receive interview alerts , offers, view your assessment scores etc.

    Once registered, Jobeee provides multiple opportunities for students. Instead of registering every time with every company that you are applying, we provide you with an opportunity to simply register once and then use it every time you apply for a job or write an assessment.

  • Is there any fees associated with registration process?

    No. There is no fees to be paid at the time or registration.

  • Is it mandatory that I should take the assessments conducted by Jobeee?

    Only Registration is Mandatory, but companies might prefer to evaluate those candidates who already have taken Jobeee Employability Test (JET) or just shortlist candidates for final interview based on the score. Hence we advise candidates to write the Jobeee Employability Test (JET) seriously so that they do not miss opportunities.

    This also serves as practice test and getting used to the assessment platform.

  • What is Jobeee Employability Test (JET) and the importance of JET Score?

    Jobeee Employability Test (JET) is a free assessment conducted by us for all the candidates free of cost.

    Apart from academic scores, employers generally conduct assessments to check the candidate has the basic skills which are required to perform a job under minimal supervision.

    This generally include language testing, basic arithmetic, logic & reasoning, verbal, analogy etc.

    If given opportunity, companies would prefer to identify candidates who are pre-assessed and with certain level of proficiency so that they do not have to spend more time eliminating candidates who are not eligible.

    There are heavy chances that companies might use JET score as a filtration criteria while publishing the job for candidates to apply. If you do not have required JET score, you might not be able to apply for that job position.

    We advice the candidates to take their Jobeee Employability Test (JET) very seriously while attempting as this impact your short listing and selection process.

  • I have attempted Jobeee Employability Test (JET) more than once. What employers would see?

    Employers understand that skills can be acquired and are more interested in knowing if there has been an improvement. They would see what is your best score and how many attempts were made.

  • What are the skills tested in Jobeee Employability Test (JET)?

    During JET, we try to establish the common skills that are evaluated by companies. These include:

    •  Basic English
    •  Advanced English
    •  General Aptitude
    •  Logic & Reasoning
    •  Subjective Skills.
  • I got less than 60% in Intermediate/10th. Am I eligible to be a part of event conducted by Jobeee?

    We do not have any say on how companies design their recruitment policy frameworks. Companies specify their policies and if you fall within that, you can surely take part in that event. Please check with your TPO for further details on each event.

  • Do Companies recruit only through campus drives?

    Jobeee believes in creating opportunities for students irrespective of mode, method and place of recruitment. When a requirement is small or conducting a campus drive is not a feasible option, companies might invite the candidates directly to their offices to complete the recruitment process.

  • I have given assessment with Jobeee and I have good JET Score currently. Why do I have to take test every time for each of the company?

    Assessments conducted by Jobeee and JET Score may or may not be used by companies as a yardstick for final selection or short listing the candidates for interview or final process.

    The primary intention of the assessments conducted by Jobeee is to show that talent exists not just in Tier 1 colleges but everywhere and it is worth for them to give it a try.

    It should be understood that companies might just want to use your Jobeee score like your academic score while screening the candidature. For example, you might have experienced before when companies have put a cut-off score of 60% in academics. Similarly, now companies can choose to use the JET Score as another additional parameter in selecting or short listing the candidates.

  • What kind of positions does companies generally recruit?

    Companies generally can offer jobs or opportunities under various categories:

    •  Full time Job - Contractual
    •  Fulltime Job - Permanent
    •  Part time Job
    •  Apprenticeship with or without stipend
    •  Internship with or without stipend

    It is up to the candidate to decide whether it makes sense for him/her to apply for an opportunity or not. You can set your opportunity preferences under My Settings and you will receive only those opportunities that you are interested in.

  • How will I know about campus drives at my college?

    All the hiring events at your campus or invitations specific from any company would be visible after your login if you are eligible per the company criteria. You will have to confirm by the due date in order to be eligible for appearing for due process which might be a assessment or interview.

    In the my Campus section under your login, you can see the schedule of events planned for your college by different companies. Check this space frequently to be up to date with information.

  • Can I apply for jobs that are posted in Jobeee?

    If you are able to see them, then you can surely apply.

  • My friend is able to see and apply for a company but I am not. Why?

    If companies have set eligibility criteria and you meet them, then only you will be able to apply for that job position.

  • What are the different ways employers would set filters for candidates?

    The eligibility criteria employers could filter include:

    •  JET (Jobeee Employability Test)
    •  Percentage of Marks obtained at different education levels
    •  Choose candidates from specific college.
    •  Choose candidates who are okay to work under certain conditions and categories

    Example Scenarios:

    A Company might say that only candidates from specific colleges can apply. If you are not from those colleges, then you may not be able apply.

    A Company might say that only candidates who from specific state with a minimum score of 60% in JET. This opportunity will appear to only those who have JET score more than 60% and who are from that selected state or those who said they are willing to relocate to that state will be able to see the opportunity and apply for it.

  • What kind of Employers recruit using Jobeee?

    For us, employer is anyone who can provide a legitimate opportunity for first time job seekers.

    Our survey says that 95% of people end up doing job that are unrelated to their line of education. So our belief is that we should connect job seekers with potential employers and let them decide if they want to choose the opportunity or not.

    By making sourcing and recruiting talent a very easy affair, we aim at expanding the market for fresher hiring by bringing more companies to recruit from campuses.

  • Why Employers would use Jobeee to recruit?

    Because we provide quality database of pre-assessed candidates to companies at zero cost.

    We aim at making Jobeee a place-to-go for sourcing requirements for companies of all sizes and segments and we offer them access to pre-assessed talent pool which no other competitor is able to give them in the current market. We believe this presents a compelling reason for companies to try and use Jobeee for managing their hiring needs before they choose any other medium for finding talent.

    If you were a company, would you spend thousands of rupees for when some quality alternative is available at zero cost. Does that answer your question?

  • Do you verify companies that recruit through Jobeee?

    No. It is impossible for Jobeee to verify the genuineness of the companies that are recruiting. Caution must be exercised by candidates if any companies are misusing the platform or asking for money in lieu of employment. No genuine employer would ask money from probable employees.

    Checking things like how long they have been market, number of employees, and any references that you can find about the company on web.

    If you have any complaints or doubts please send us a mail at [email protected] Our team would try to contact the company and verify the company details.

  • What kind of salaries does these companies offer?

    This depends and differs from employer to employer. Employers may or may not choose to disclose the salary details in the job post. However you are free to enquire with employer using the "Query the Employer" option on the job posting for further clarifications.

  • Who are the current employers that recruit through Jobeee?

    We are a open job creation portal where there is zero cost for employers to register and start hiring. We are currently in Beta Stage and expect large number of employers to signup and use our platform for their recruiting needs.