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  • Solutions for On Campus, Pool Campus, and Off Campus Hiring.

    Highly Effective Sourcing Solutions.

    Assessment technology to help you filter the best from rest.

    Robust Recruitment Management System.

  • Sourcing Blues?

    Don’t compromise on talent search. Leave it on Jobeee to help you find the best.

  • Fresher Hiring?

    Trust our operational capabilities to make your campus or off-campus hiring a breeze.

  • Pre-Recruitment Assessments.

    Use our robust assessment engine with your question bank or ours for effective filtration.

  • Worried on Quality of Applicants?

    Use our intelligent tools to reach and source those candidates that fit your quality criteria.

  • Tracking Nightmares?

    Our Recruitment Management System allows you to track applicants at all levels.


Jobeee provides you access to assessment technology that is currently being used by major global corporations. You can choose to host your own tests and test parameters on our assessment engine. You also can use our pre-packaged battery of tests to assess various skills.

Our assessment technology is prepared keeping in mind the varied conditions that you possibly encounter while using it in campus recruitment settings.

Some of the key features:

  •  Create Entities (Business units/divisions) and map to entities.
  •  Create Users with limited access (QB Creator/HR coordinator/Test Co Orindator etc.)
  •  Create jobs under entities and map different tests (up to 10) to be delivered as a single assessment.
  •  Create different question sets.
  •  Create questions with different difficulty level.
  •  Create and use your own question bank.
  •  Customizable registration data.
  •  Deliver multiple tests as a single assessment and under single license.
  •  Each test can have its own configuration for negative marking and timing.
  •  Multi layer access control keys that are time, date, and IP bound
  •  Pre Packaged Test Batteries for assessing different skills.
  •  Customizable survey/feedback questionnaire at the end of test.
  •  Descriptive/Non-Descriptive Question Types.
  •  Multiple license key generation options (Campus/Location/Individual) that are time bound.
  •  Deliver tests in batches or individually.
  •  Deployed in cloud. Accessible everywhere over internet.
  •  Consumes and works in low internet bandwidth conditions.
  •  Can withstand multiple internet and network failures/breakdowns while test is on.
  •  Re-start the test from where it was in case of system failure without losing on the test duration. Validation key            required to resume test.
  •  Users cannot access any other screen while test is on.
  •  Controlled installation of application in college settings with IP restrictions.
  •  Rich data analytics in real time.
  •  Random selection of questions and randomization of question and answer sequence.