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Placement Management Outsourcing

Colleges are facing a unique challenge these days. Let us admit; education is no more a service. It has purely become a business with students as consumers of their services. The advertisement blitzes carried by educational institutions in print and television show how competition is building in attracting the buyers of services, the student.

Traditionally students have shown interest in joining those institutions which offer them good education and most importantly provide them opportunities to get employed and settled in life.

Gone are those days where there were very few options available with students. With lots of new colleges coming every day and unprecedented assault by private universities, it is increasingly becoming difficult for traditional colleges to hold on to the ground. In the current competitive environment, students are becoming more and more particular about return on investment. They are very vocal and are ranking colleges based on the kind of employment opportunities that they can provide with. Quality and Quantity of employers hiring from a college has become yardstick for the quality of education that institution offers.

Placements are becoming increasingly important for generating considerable interest from students and parents and the net result of bad placements can be very apparent on admissions next year.

Let us understand why we are facing this scenario and what are the current challenges faced by Colleges :

  •  Over dependency on IT sector ignoring other sectors for placements
  •  High salary benchmarking by IT sector which cannot be matched by other sectors
  •  Big companies are not showing same enthusiasm that was shown previously
  •  Small and mid size companies from many sectors never participate in recruitment programs because they were never invited
  •  Colleges do not have enough placement resources or interest to go behind small companies that can recruit
  •  Students and parents are evaluating the previous placement record as a key decision parameter
  •  Not all colleges are visited by companies
  •  Even if visited, no guarantee that it would result in actual recruitments
  •  Complete ambiguity in the campus recruitment process

So where does the gap exist? Why are companies not coming to colleges for recruitment when students are able to find job at some point in time in the future on their own? What are contributing to the current scenario and what can be done to reverse it? In Spite of having placement divisions, why colleges are not able attract companies.

When we spoke to many companies that recruit freshers but never were a part of campus hiring programs, interesting results came through.

  •  It is a general notion among small and mid size companies that only big companies are invited and can do the campus recruitments and they are supposed to offer high salaries in order for them to do campus recruitments.
  •  Campuses have dissuaded small and mid size companies from few core sectors when they wanted to recruit because their packages offered were less compared to IT companies.
  •  The common complaint was that it is unviable to recruit a candidate with no base skills at such high packages as offered by IT companies.
  •  Not all industries have the luxury of offering high packages and then spending a fortune on their training.
  •  There is not enough management (HR) bandwidth with small companies to carry out campus drives
  •  Lot of companies have complained that technology is one of the main barriers when they want to conduct any kind of event in the colleges
  •  Overheads associated with doing a campus event combined with the amount of effort required in arranging HR resources, identifying the colleges suitable and checking their interest and availability, planning campus drives, technology hardships, cost of assessing candidates makes it prohibitive for the companies in taking this direction.
  •  For most of the companies, though the requirements are there, do not know how to approach colleges.

How Jobeee Can help colleges overcome this logjam?

Jobeee works as Placement Management Outsourcing (PMO) Partner and would help you reach those small and mid size companies by bridging the gaps that exist in the system. We work hand-in-hand with your placement division to enhance the opportunities for your students. You can leverage our extensive reach with corporate sector to your advantage.

We remove all the bottlenecks for companies by providing them access to:

  •  Technology that automates assessments and recruitment process.
  •  Map the requirements and help in designing and plan the recruitment drives.
  •  Identify the colleges that suit their requirements.
  •  Not all industries have the luxury of offering high packages and then spending a fortune on their training.
  •  Provides operational bandwidth to conduct a campus event.
  •  Provides complete technical support.
  •  Help them recruit the best talent at their terms.
  •  Create a brand awareness.
  •  Reducing their cost on advertisements.
  •  Providing them service until 100% recruitments are done.
  •  Choice of colleges from different states/locations to choose from and pick specific streams of students that fit the requirements.

All Done at a zero cost.

Participating in our PMO program would help colleges in following ways:

  •  Facilitates many small-medium-large scale companies to come over to companies for campus drives.
  •  Gives an uplift in image as a college that strives at creating opportunities for their students and provides them with opportunity to attract new students because of better placement history.
  •  Corporate entities will show interest because there is lot of assistance from Jobeee in terms of technology and operations.
  •  No charges for assessments to be conducted by assessments.